How we
do it?


We extract the essence of brand and build an enhanced communication architecture around it.



We develop implementable communication strategies that ensure brands achieve their business targets.



We methodically conduct data mining by considering each brand as an unprocessed mine and produce unique creative content and projects.



We integrate brands into life and convert our messages into experiences.

  • We develop sustainable communications
  • We devote ourselves to our clients.
  • We do our jobs with passion.
  • We produce creative ideas optimized for reaching strategic targets.
  • We convert ideas into 360° integrated communication solutions.
  • Lean: Being lean in all business processes is one of our fundamental priorities.
  • Agile: Agility is embedded into our DNA as a new-generation communication agency.
  • Creative: We produce creative ideas that align with the strategy of brands.
  • Proactive: Proactive communications is our workstyle - we like to inspire our clients and proactively participate during every process.
  • Results Oriented: We attach importance to the fact that all of our ideas and projects are implementable and align to the strategic business goals of our client’s brands.

FVRN5 Business Model



We analyze the business sector ecosystem to obtain the essence of our client’s brand.

Create the Promise

We create the promise of brand to optimize its business goals.


We methodically conduct data mining by considering each brand element as an unprocessed opportunity and produce unique, creative content and projects.


We integrate brands into life and convert our messages into relevant experiences.

Stand Out from the Crowd

We differentiate the brand from others in a highly competitive ecosystem to help them stand out from the crowd.

Our Work

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    PR and Event Management

    Polat Holding
  • img

    Brand and Product Launch

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    İş Birliği & Yeni Ürün Lansmanı

  • img

    Global PR Management

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    Integrated Communication

    İTÜ ARI Teknokent
  • img

    Product Development and Launch

    Saray Bisküvi
  • img

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Estée Lauder
  • img

    Start-up Branding Management

    Vagustim, ORTHERO, BEE’O
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Ali Kahraman


Tülin Çeneli Dönmez


Hilal Dereli

Business Development Director

About us

Creative Communication is the benchmark of brands!

Feveran is an independent creative brand communication agency that intelligently opens new horizons for the clients it serves while remaining loyal to the pedigree of their brand.

We are experts in developing creative and multidisciplinary projects for our clients that are innovative thus ensuring they stand out from the crowd... what’s more is our ideas help to capture the imagination of target groups and motivate them.

Our goal is to be Turkey’s best communication agency, not the largest one!

As Feveran celebrates its 5th anniversary, we enjoy the satisfaction of having presented numerous creative communication solutions for many national and global brands from various different sectors: in particular from the technology, retail, real-estate, tourism, FMCG, automotive, entertainment, and sports sectors.

Our Areas of
  • Strategic Communication
  • Corporate Communication
  • Marketing Communication
  • Leader Communication
  • Media Communication
  • Content Development and
    Agenda Management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Media Purchasing
  • Media Education
  • Blogger and Influencer Communication
  • International Communication
  • Public Relations Management
  • Startup Communication and Investor Communication
  • Events and Sponsorship Management
  • Digital Communication / New Generation Media Communication
  • Employer’s Brand Management and Internal Communication
  • Creative Design Services

Based on the Greek Philosopher Protagoras' saying,
"Human is the measure of everything";
We say
"Creative Communication is the measure of brands".

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Halkla ilişkiler, en basit tanımlamayla kurum ile hedef kitle arasındaki iletişim sürecini yönetmek olarak bilinir. Dijital mecraların önem kazanması, halkla ilişkilerin de geleneksel olarak varlığını sürdürmesinin yanı sıra, dijital alanda da var olmasını zorunlu kıldı.


Günümüzde markaların pazarlama stratejileri sürekli olarak değişiyor. Yeni pazarlama stratejilerinin ortaya çıkmasının yanı sıra kullanılan pazarlama araçlarının sayısı artarken, bilgi ve teknolojinin gelişmesi ile iletişim araçları da güçleniyor.



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